don’t be a bitch, get behind glitch

Know what’s trendy right now? Glitch art – it’s in memes and everything, right up there with Vaporwave. But how is it made? It’s much, much simpler than one might think:

On the simplest level, glitch art is made by manipulating code of an image file to purposely corrupt it. This blog details the process and gives some history.

Glitch art is an art form that’s meant to highlight the beauty of code and the fragility of technology. I believe it’s so relative currently because, well, society is kind of glitching.



How descriptive.

It’s so trendy that Norway glitched their new 2017 bills:


It can also create gorgeous contemporary imagery:


Dead Flowers Don’t Mean Shit [02]


I love the sharp, colourful edges, the provocative context and the visual dissonance and unease that these images create.


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