substances that refresh your perspective

Had my first LSD trip on Monday. Wrote this at the height of it. 8 years of writing and this is the most beautiful, pure, expressive piece I've ever written.


Anyone who has tried acid knows what an immensely intense, emotional, sensory experience it is. Though it affects everyone differently, there are a few cases to support the hypothesis that LSD enhances creativity by altering thought processes and changing perspective and interpretation.

There are a few popular self-portrait studies on the internet, documenting an artist’s creative expression of self while on an LSD trip. Together, they reveal a drastic change in self-perception as expressed by the drawings.

This French artist’s experience:

After three and a half hours, she stopped drawing eyes.

This incredible study done in 1954:

2 hours & 45 minutes in...

Bryan Lewis Saunders’ 30 portraits on 30 different drugs:

 photo mushrooms.jpg

This last one is especially amazing – the difference in the portraits from drug to drug is vast.


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