concrete notation pours a foundation for innovation

What do information design and the history of electronic music have in common? They’re both concrete.

Electronic music, here meaning music produced from pre-recorded sounds, makes up a large portion of the music that is produced today. Fans of many genres can thank computers for helping to create their favourite tracks. The invention of computers, however, didn’t cause the invention of electronic music – they evolved independently of each other.

Musique Concrète is considered the advent of electronic music – it was first created by manually running sounds recorded on tape through a tape player, as shown in this informative video. It is widely believed that a French composer named Pierre Schaeffer invented it around 1948 with his track Étude aux Chemins de Fer. There is, however, a track of similar nature from 1944 out of Egypt called Halim El-Dabh. A detailed article on its history can be found here.

In fact, Futurama’s theme song is inspired by a Musique Concrète track called Psyché Rock, by Pierre Henry!

Music level theory

truly awakening, isn’t it


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