tired and bored eyes just need time to fantasize

There are heaps of humans these days whose eyes are glued to screens of various types for large percentages of the day. What we’re looking at – documents, contracts, emails, blogs, texts, memes, social media and many, many images – tends to be content of a realistic, grounded and worldly nature. When real life becomes a bit too overwhelming, take five minutes and watch a visually flabbergasting music video!

What  better way to lose oneself than in a beautiful marriage between sound and sight – one that takes advantage of the amazing things computers can do to create dream-like, surreal imagery and music.

Here are five to start off with:

Blockhead – “The Music Scene”

nsjhdb paosdft 5.jpg

Rone – “Gravity”

blgo post

Getter – “Head Splitter”

blfoih post 2.jpg

Andy Shauf – “The Magician”

boh post 3.jpg

Valentino Khan – “Deep Down Low”

kbshok, post 4.jpg

Music videos are wonderful, as they’re able to take creative license to a way larger extent than films, likely because the stakes are much lower when producing a music video as opposed to a film. That’s why I believe music videos can be such wonderful pieces of art, and such clever combinations of media.



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